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The Digital Vibe Podcast and Network Presents.."As If I Were There"


The Digital Vibe Podcast Network Presents...


Have you ever wondered what it was like before the tragic ending of the Titanic? Do you find yourself being intrigued by the mystery of the unknown, or are you just plain curious? Let me take you on my travels as I discover or should I say rediscover the passages of time and history,"As If I Were There". Come with me as I explore uncharted events that shaped us and bring you a step closer to experiencing it yourself! I will take you on my personal journey as I discover the world of history with a twist on the unexplained. Not only will these stories pique your curiosity, but they will leave you with a sense of wonder and a twist on the present.

So, then...

Need a reason to get away but can’t? Need to relieve your stressful day? Listen to the show and relax with something that will bring you soothing entertainment, fun with a story to enjoy and so much more! Love a mystery? Need a deep dive into an old classic to learn new things? Then this is the place to be. You can enjoy some of your favorite classics that you never knew existed until now. "The Vibe" is the place to be to get your entertainment "fix on" and immerse yourself in pure entertainment!



Don’t touch that dial! Put down that cell phone!! Lose your remote!


Take your mind on a journey. Let’s fly. ”Beyond the Vibe”! 


Get your glass of wine, coffee, or tea, and enjoy the show!


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